Sometimes I just have to cry.

If you ask me why, I cannot really answer.

I just reach a state where the feelings I’ve kept inside just needs to get out

They get all the way up to the surface and I can’t push them down again

Either can I just throw them away

I have to stay with them

Feel them for real 

Let them fill all my senses, my mind and my body

I need to express them

Act with consiuosness and precense


I can let go of them for real


Find myself in a total sense of joy

A joy that is deeper and more genuine than before

Because it’s filling up the empty space the sad feelings left when they went away

I know that it won’t always be easy

But I also know that I have to taste all colors of life to be able to taste the brightest once

That’s why I’m not pretending that everything is ok when it isn’t

That’s why I’m listening to myself and my body instead of just ignoring it

If I pretend and ignore, it it will always come back to me later.

Mayby even strike me down.



Keys to a colorful life,  COLOR ON!