Why do you strive for perfection when perfection is never to be reached

Why do you try to do your best and still think you’re not good enough

Why do you push yourself when it’s time to rest

Why do you sometimes get lazy, when you should work

Why do you hold on tight when it’s time to let go

Why do you lose your grip when you should stay in control

Why do you fear falling, when falling is what you need to lose your fear

Why do you sometimes, when you fall, fall too fast, too far, or to find yourself  landing on not safe ground, or perhaps not landing at all

Why do you run with a destination, and still  find yourself lost

Why do you sometimes, when you run without any destination, find your home

Why do you stay on the ground, when you should jump

Why do you jump, when you should stay grounded

Why do you take a step back, when you should walk forward

Why do you, when you take a step, sometimes taking it in the wrong direction

Why do you play when you should be seriuos

Why do you get serious when it’s all just a game

Is it the Ego playing it’s trick on you Or is it only human             ?