Good Morning!

Today’s plan (I made a plan for today a couple of days ago) was to start out with a yoga class, move on to the library, study, eat, study, take the bike to Saltholmen for some dinner, be social for a little while, study again, and sleep.

Now it didn’t get the way I planned, because when the alarm went on at 5.30 am, I was caught by a spontaneous wind, and thought it would be perfect with a nice lie-in. So here I am, 4 hours later, thoroughly rested, but with a bit bad conscious, thinking of the value of planning vs. being spontaneous.

I must admit that I am a bad planner, and I’m working on getting better. I know that I have a tendency to be spontaneous and impulsive, but feel good when I have some structure in my life. But I still have to have some space for doing spontaneous things, and creating my flow in each moment. When there is too much planning and structure, it feels like I’m living in a box and I’m like a robot, just doing what I’m ‘programmed’ to do without any reflections, without really feeling. When there is too much spontaneity I just do what I feel like each moment, and I can tell you I don’t often feel like spending a lot time in the laundry room.

So, when I plan I really get things done, good, important and boring things. And when I’m spontaneous I really enjoy life and doing things I love. If I went on my whole life just living in a planning box, I would felt like I wasn’t living fully. But if I just was spontaneous all the time, I would never get all ‘important’ things done.

Perhaps the key is to find a balance between the two of them. But I also have to change my attitude. I can think of doing laundry as funny and delightful instead of a boring must. I still have to do it, but I can change it to something nice, perhaps taking the stereo with me, and making it a party 😉 I can think of the fact that I have choose to do the things I have planned, if not directly at least indirectly. And I have to accept that some things will perhaps not be all fun, but I have to do them anyway, or the consequences will hit back at me.

Then I can make my planning with a room of being spontaneous, a bit flexible, not closing any doors, to really be able to do what I feel like right now. And be able to step outside my planning for a spontaneous thing, without feeling bad about it. Instead enjoy the fact that I choose how I want to live. After all, whether I’m doing something that I’ve planned to do or something spontaneous, I’m doing it in the moment of now.

After a spontaneous post about planning vs. spontaneity let’s get back to today. OK, I know it would have been really nice and good for me with a yoga class this morning, but it was really nice (and good for me?) to have a late morning.

Now back to the plans, library and studying, with a positive attitude and presence, right? 😉 I give you a song and a quote to get you in a good mood today.

“…the present moment remains the essential factor. Any lesson from the past becomes relevant and is applied now. Any planning as well as working towards achieving a particular goal is done now.”, E. Tolle, The Power Of Now, p. 57.