Sometimes. Some people. Some things. Driving me crazy.

I’m trying my best to be understanding, patient, empathetic, but sometimes, some people, some things just crossing my border!

Ok, everyone has the right to not be in their best mood everytime, everyday. It is ok to not be on top when it comes to work. Sometimes things aren’t light or shining, and perhaps everything feels grey or perhaps even black! You might have slept to little, you might have a terrible headace. Or perhaps you’re just low or dissatisfied for some reason! It is all ok!

But please! Don’t blame anyone else! Don’t let everone around you get affected! Don’t make everyone elses day crappy just because your’s is! Don’t oppress someone else because of your own insecurity or your dissatisfaction!

Don’t be so driven by your Ego.

Try to handle your own so called problems without taking everyone else with you in your downfall.

Be honest to yourself.

Are you really, I mean really mad at the poor bus driver who’s just doing his/her job, because the new ticket system. So angry that you have to get a fit of rage so that the whole bus hear you. Blaming the driver for something he/she has nothing to do with and can’t affect or even do something about right now. Spreading your bad energy to everyone.

Think of others. Show some respect. Be humble. Careful. Patient. Empathic.

Do you really have the right to say that some other person is bad, I mean really bad at something? Are you so damn good yourself? Or talking shit behind peoples backs? Aren’t you brave enough to tell it straight to the person? Or do you say some really stupid, mean, or hurtful things to another person? What satisfaction do you see in that?

Instead of just spreading your own negativity to others, try to work with yourself.

OK! Sometimes we get mad at other people, when they have hurted us, when they have let us down, or for some other reason. Then be honest to yourself and to the other person, tell them, for example “When you did this you hurted me…”

OK! Sometimes we need to get some criticism to be able to grow, develope, get better. But destructive criticism just break us down. Constructive, honest, well-meant criticism, is what builds us up.

OK! Sometimes we have to ventilate, discuss things we have carried, got upset for, got disturbed by, got hurted of, have dwelled on etc., with another person. First get concious about if your feeling actually is because of yourself. Then you might consider to talk to the person in question. Last, you can discuss with another person. And not on the person in question’s expense. Do not exaggerate. And do not rise yourself up to the sky like some angel, making yourself look more beautiful and the person in question bad, criminal, totally rotten. And do not make fun of the other person for your own amusement, or to make you look like a better person yourself.

Negativity. Falseness. Unkindness. Impatience. Unempatism. Coldness. Shit talking. Mocking. Unfairness. Egoism.

We’re all human. Having bad days. Making mistakes. Lacking in empathy. Saying stupid things.

Try to forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

Try to let go of the Ego to make some space for the Love.

Then you will see who much better everything will be. For others. For yourself. For the world. For all.

Love. Be Loved. Be filled with Love. Act out from Love. Spread Love.