Are you running?

Step by step.

At the speed of light.

On a road.

With a clear ambition, vision, direction, goal.

But a fuzzy surrounding, view, heart, soul.

Your fuel is the light within you. An igniting sparkle, turning into a powerful fire.

You’re running.

Step by step.

At the speed of light.

On a road.

Then you reach your goal. You made it! Satisfaction in your mind.

But your surrounding, view, heart and soul are still as fuzzy as before.  You seek confirmation from your surrounding. You look, try to see. You want to feel it in your heart. You want your soul to be filled.

But its all empty.

The spark wasn’t turned on for the right reasons, making the fire burn you from inside out, leaving nothing but ashes. The light has faded away.

When the light is out, you’re out of fuel. You try to run. But you cannot take a single step. You want to move. But you have to stop.

Stop. Stay were you are. Here and now. You are.

Stop. Stop and stare. Look. See. Observe. Notice. Get conscious.

Stop. And the fog will ease.

Stop. And you will get another perspective on the surroundings.

Stop. And you will sharpen your view.

Stop. And you will hear your heart.

Stop. And you will find your soul.

Stop. And you’ll see the light.

The light will lighten up the light in you.

The light will brighten up your surroundings.

The light will clarify your view.

The light will open up your heart.

The light will fill your soul.

The light will guide you. Step by step.

The light will lighten up your way. On the road.

The light will make you move. And stay. At the speed of light.